Note: We regret to say that we cannot accept orders from overseas. Services are available only within Japan.
We accept orders by postal transfer or fax.
Postal Account: 00100-8-186573
Fax: +81-(3)-3577-3571
In either case, please provide us with your order information (the title and quantity), the total cost including tax along with your name, address and phone number.
Order forms are provided for your convenience.

We also accept direct orders. Payment can be made by postal transfer.
Please send the total amount including tax and \300 for the postage by postal transfer to our postal account 00100-8-186573.
If the actual postage is less than \300 the surplus will be refunded with unused stamps.
If the total amount is over \3,000, we will pay the postage.
Postal order and payment with unused stamps are available on request.
Your order will be sent out after your payment has been confirmed.
If you want expedited processing, please send us your order form with a copy of your payment slip by fax. Your order will be shipped on the same day.
You can download our order form if necessary.